Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.


Kristin Catherwood |
The Saskatchewan Ecomuseum Initiative (SEI) of which Heritage Saskatchewan is a member, supports ecomuseums and communities interested in establishing ecomuseums. Heritage Saskatchewan's commitment is as an advisory body providing advice to consultants and ecomuseum communities throughout Saskatchewan. As participants in the ecomuseum network, Heritage Saskatchewan is able to disseminate information regarding Living Heritage and holistic approaches to community development; and also to learn firsthand about what is happening at the community level, and offer help when needed. This past year, the SEI underwent changes to reflect the growth in ecomuseums in the province and the need for the original steering group members to re-examine our roles moving forward. The Ecomuseum Network is now under r the purview of the Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS) and be operated is operated like a Special Interest Group, where the members can seek assistance through MAS's advisory services but also inform MAS about their needs. The original steering committee members (all provincial organizations) continue to operate as an advisory body and provide advice and assistance with items such as conferences and advice specific to our areas of expertise. The change will see our 'group' becoming the Ecomuseum Partnership to better reflect our involvement moving forward.

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