Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.


Covid-19 Culture Reflections: Culture in Practice and The Everyday

By Nicholas Antonini, Student Researcher [More than three years after Covid-19 upended our lives personally and collectively, we decided to return to a documentation project from the first wave of the pandemic to see what the participants were thinking and feeling at that time. Our summer research intern, Nicholas Antonini’s codified and analyzed the themes present in the 35 interviews that…

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Fostering Food Security Through Local Cultures

By Nicholas Antonini, Student Researcher 2023 Over the past year, the research team involved with The Saskatchewan Food, Culture and Heritage Survey has been working on another research project titled, “Fostering Food Security Through Local Cultures.” This project is conducted through partnership between Heritage Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, and the Royal Saskatchewan…

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Reflections on Wooden Grain Elevators

By Isaac Farrell, Summer Researcher 2023 Strong personal place attachments to former local hotspots. Shared senses of settler heritage and rural community histories. Friendships and camaraderie developed between farmers and agents through countless interactions in and around the local elevator(s). Memories of childhood and of people and places that are now long gone. These are but a handful of the…

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Reflections on the 2023 Heritage Fairs Season

By Katherine Gilks, Education/Outreach Coordinator Well, we have come to the end of another Heritage Fairs season! The 2023 Provincial Heritage Fair took place on Wednesday, June 14, at Government House in Regina. (Photos will be up on our website by the end of June.) There, for the second time in person since the Covid-19 pandemic, we gathered to celebrate the students and their wonderful…

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Refreshing Our Awards Program: The New and Old

Last year, we made the hard decision to cancel our 2022 Awards program. But as you may have heard, the Awards will be back this year, with a ceremony at Government House on November 8, 2023.   While Heritage Saskatchewan isn’t the only heritage organisation in Canada that has found it necessary to rethink how best to celebrate work in the heritage field in the past few years, we…

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