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Heritage Fairs - 2022 and Beyond

By Logan Thienes, Researcher (Summer 2022) I returned as a summer Research Assistant for Heritage Saskatchewan this past summer, having worked in the same position in 2022. This year, however, my task was a little different – while last year I evaluated and researched new options for 2021’s Heritage Awards, this year I did the same but for the Heritage Fairs program run by Heritage…

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Intangible Heritage and Retail Marketing: the Surprising Connection

By Holly Kibbins, Database Researcher (Summer 2022) Retail marketing and intangible heritage are generally not considered in the same context and reading about them in the same sentence may appear bizarre at first glance. Rest assured that I am not attempting to commodify something as priceless as intangible heritage, rather I want to discuss the common ground that binds these two unique areas…

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Reflections on Shayna Jones’ Black & Rural Saskatchewan

by Kristin Catherwood, Director of Living Heritage UMulticultural recently released a video about Shayna Jones' Black and Rural Saskatchewan project, filmed in June in Melfort at one of her performances. Check out the video here! Watching the video gave me a chance to reflect on the project. More than a year’s work came to fruition this past June with the release of the…

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Heritage On Holiday

By Katherine Gilks, Outreach/Projects Coordinator There are many thoughts that come to mind when one hears or reads the word "heritage". (The first image that always comes to mind immediately to me is furniture, though I don't know why. Perhaps I first read the word in a catalogue as a child over a photo of a wooden table and chair.) Heritage can be associated with older…

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The Saskatchewan Food, Culture and Heritage Survey

On Wednesday, February 16 2022, a new province-wide survey called, The Saskatchewan Food, Culture and Heritage Survey, was released by the University of Regina, paired with Heritage Saskatchewan, and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Led by Dr Glenn Sutter and his team of researchers, this survey is part of a larger project called “Fostering food security through local cultures: Living…

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