Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.


Story is what you make it

Guest Blog by Carol Rose GoldenEagle, Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Every thing is a story. Everyone is a storyteller. And with this, one phrase that needs to be stricken from anyone’s vocabulary is this; “I am not a real writer, but…” I have heard this comment dozens of times. The funny thing is, that sentence is spoken by someone who is attending one of the many…

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Relationship-Building and Reconciliation through Living Heritage

By Christine Fiddler, Consultant Tansi! Hi! I recently started some work with Heritage Saskatchewan on Reconciliation-related sessions and with the Relationship Building and Reconciliation through Living Heritage project in partnership by Heritage Saskatchewan (HS) with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan.    This work holds important…

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Grain Elevator Questions

Written by David Siebert, Researcher for Heritage Saskatchewan, with input from various HS Staff In November 2022, CBC News published an article about the deconstruction and material reuse of grain elevators. It sparked a conversation in our office. We liked that it was not a eulogy to another fallen grain elevator and showed a proactive use for a heritage site that respected the materials…

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Heritage Fairs - 2022 and Beyond

By Logan Thienes, Researcher (Summer 2022) I returned as a summer Research Assistant for Heritage Saskatchewan this past summer, having worked in the same position in 2022. This year, however, my task was a little different – while last year I evaluated and researched new options for 2021’s Heritage Awards, this year I did the same but for the Heritage Fairs program run by Heritage…

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Intangible Heritage and Retail Marketing: the Surprising Connection

By Holly Kibbins, Database Researcher (Summer 2022) Retail marketing and intangible heritage are generally not considered in the same context and reading about them in the same sentence may appear bizarre at first glance. Rest assured that I am not attempting to commodify something as priceless as intangible heritage, rather I want to discuss the common ground that binds these two unique areas…

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