What we do

Heritage Saskatchewan’s focus is to raise awareness that heritage is a shared common value: the organisation is about helping Saskatchewan people understand that heritage is something we all have in common and that is part of our everyday experience, seeking to develop a sense of belonging and ownership of our own heritage by its citizens. Heritage vitality is as essential to a healthy and sustainable society as social equity, environmental responsibility, and economic viability.

This means that Heritage Saskatchewan actively promotes linkages between stakeholders, recognising that while we are all connected, we do not replace or ‘do the work for’ organisations already doing good advocacy and programming in the area of heritage throughout the province. Heritage Saskatchewan recognises the importance of working together as heritage is a multi-disciplinary field that encompasses a diverse range of individuals and organisations with an equally diverse range of interests, skills, and abilities. We acknowledged that accessibility includes the importance of promoting heritage at the local level, working at a community level, and involving local citizens in their communities, helping them embrace diversity and develop a sense of sharing, belonging, identity, and change.

Heritage Saskatchewan is responsible for two annual activities that we acquired following consultation with SaskCulture. These include the Lieutenant Governor’s Heritage Awards (which celebrate exceptional heritage projects in Saskatchewan) and the Heritage Fairs, which involve hundreds of Saskatchewan students each year.