Coal in Coronach

Coal in Coronach

The Coal in Coronach living heritage project explores the importance of coal to the community - from the early days of underground mining to the present, and asks the question: what's next for coal in Coronach?

The Living Heritage of Coal in Coronach Project was publicly presented in the Town of Coronach, at the Coronach Community Hall, Wednesday April 12th, 2017, at 7 p.m.  This event recognized and celebrated the importance of coal to the Coronach region’s past and present. The project consisted of workshops, a booklet and two videos - a short promo and an in-depth documentary.

Kristin Catherwood Mantta presenting at a workshop in Coronach, 2018

This project does not claim to be the definitive history of the regina, or even coal mining in the region, rather it is an update on the work already done by others and an invitation to learn and do more. The articles in the booklet were written from a variety of perspectives by local people. The accompanying video documentary hears from even more local people. This project had two intentions: to document the living heritage of coal in Coronach, and to celebrate and recognize its importance to the
community. From the start, this was been a community project, and most of its stories are told by the people whom they concern. The articles in the following pages are
written by local people, and they represent just a few perspectives on the story of coal in Coronach. The twelve video interviews conducted add further insight to this story.

There are other stories of coal in Coronach that are yet to be discovered and documented. From this point on, it is up to the community to further curate this heritage. Heritage Saskatchewan has coordinated this project, but the story belongs to Coronach.

This project was completed in partnership with SaskPower Poplar River Power Station, Westmoreland Coal—Poplar River Mine, Town of Coronach, R.M. of Hart Butte No. 11, Coronach Economic Development Board and the Coronach Museum.

In 2021 Harold Siggelkow passed away. Harold was the heart and soul of the Coal in Coronach project, and for many people in Coronach, he was really the heart and soul of the community itself. He is missed.