Board & Staff

Heritage Saskatchewan Board of Directors 2015-16

Top Step: Wendy Fitch (Vice-President)
2nd from Top: (l to r) Kristin Enns-Kavanagh (Past President), Charles Pratt
3rd from Top: (l to r) Amanda Girardin, Brittney Beckie, Céline Perillat
3rd from Bottom: (l to r) Alicia Buckley, Les Oystryk (President)
2nd from Bottom: (l to r) Tara Janzen, Bula Ghosh
Bottom Step: Lindsay Stokalko
Not Present: Lindsay Torrie

Board Member Bios

President - Wendy Fitch

Past President - Les Oystryk 

Vice-President - Lindsay Stokalko

Director - Amanda Girardin

Director - Bula Ghosh 

Director - Céline Perillat

Director - Charles Pratt

Director - Brittney Beckie

Director  - Tomasin Playford

Director - Alicia Buckley

Director - Tara Janzen

Director -  Elaine Smit

Staff Members

Chief Executive Officer - Ingrid Cazakoff 

Executive Assistant & Director of Communications - Olivia Shumski

Administration Assistant - Tara Gaudet

Education Coordinator - Katherine Gilks

Research Program Coordinator - Sandra Massey 

Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer - Kristin Catherwood

Communications Assistant - Jan Morier

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