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Photo contest winners

Kristin Catherwood |

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Photo contest! The prizes were awarded as follows:

Winners - Physical Heritage
1. Darcy Senft - an old bow-style bridge near Scotsguard, Saskatchewan
2. Melanie Gray - the inside staircase of the Humboldt water tower, built 1915. There are only four of these water towers remaining in the province; this one is located in Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Winners - Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)
1. ‚ÄčWanda Hudson - a Pow Wow in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
2. Jody Seidler - a small ranch branding in spring 2018 in Success, Saskatchewan

Honourable Mentions - Physical Heritage
Darcy Senft - wheat field and old farm house near Horizon, Saskatchewan
Rachelle Apperley - pumpjack silhouette with a beautiful sunset, south-east Saskatchewan
Honourable Mentions - ICH
Jody Seidler -
riders heading out to round up the calves for branding. Near Success, Saskatchewan
Chris Jones - horseshoes being fitted using the traditional method of heat, anvil and hammer. South of Carnduff, Saskatchewan

Heritage Saskatchewan thanks everyone who entered for sharing your great photos with us.

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