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As of August 26th, Submissions are closed. Stay tuned for a list of category winners on the main Awards page!

Nominations Procedures

Submit nominations to Heritage Saskatchewan by email, mail, or courier:
200 - 2020 - 11th Avenue, Regina SK S4P 0J3

Submissions must include the following:

  1. Completed form (see form links under Eligibility Criteria/Award Categories)
  2. Name of the person making the nomination - including their address, email and phone number(s).
    This is the person with whom all communications will occur regarding the nomination, throughout the nomination process.
  3. Name of the project - including (if applicable) the address, email and phone number(s).
  4. Date of completion of the project.
  5. A detailed description, not to exceed 100 words, explaining why this project should be recognized.
  6. Supporting materials for the nomination, which could include - photographs, video clips, news clippings, website links, other printed material or information which the nominator deems relevant to the nomination (electronic images must have a resolution of 300 dpi and all photographs must be labelled).

For category #3 Physical Heritage Conservation, besides the above required information, the following is also required: 

  1. Completed submission form (category three form) – please note that this is in place of the regular submission form
  2. Name, address, email and phone number(s) of each of the following (as appropriate):
    • owner, architect, prime contractor, any notable crafts persons involved, other.
  1. Brief history of building (whatever is known), including: 
    • date of construction, original owner, original architect, original builder, chronology of occupancies, chronology of alterations.
  2. Details of Current Project:
    • date of completion, description of heritage features involved, description of work done, any particular achievements.
  3. Provide three or more photographs showing:
    • Primary elevation, detailed “before” pictures of work, detailed “after” pictures of work.

General Consideration

  1. Entries submitted in previous years that did not receive an award may be resubmitted in subsequent years. No limit will be placed on the number of times a nomination may be submitted.
  2. No nomination or expression of support for a nomination may be made by a current Heritage Saskatchewan board member or staff person.
  3. Heritage Saskatchewan reserves the right not to confer an award in a given category in a given year.
  4. Timeline:
    1. June 11:            Call for Submissions
    2. Aug 26th:          Deadline for Submissions
    3. September:     Jury deliberations occur
    4. Mid-Sept:          Award recipients are notified
    5. Oct 9th:             Award presentations in the evening at Government House, Regina

Award Notification

  1. Award recipients will be notified about their being selected, as per timeline listed above.
  2. Only those chosen for awards will be contacted.

Award Presentations

  1. Award recipients will receive a certificate, signed by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.
  2. In the case of multiple contributors to a project, then there will be multiple certificates made; ensuring that all those being recognized receive a certificate.
  3. The Award event will take place in October of each year. 


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