Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.

Public Outreach

Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Awards 2021

This award recognises projects and initiatives that demonstrate effective communication of Saskatchewan’s cultural heritage and/or education of Saskatchewan’s Living Heritage. Projects and initiatives should demonstrate collaboration, community engagement, and inclusivity. A variety of projects and/or initiatives can fit into this category, including publications, programs, exhibits, theatrical productions, videos, web content, et cetera.

  • Demonstrates collaboration and community input;
  • Projects and initiatives that are based on community knowledge and partnerships that reflect multiple narratives such as ensuring appropriate communities’ are involved in their storytelling;
  • Activation and engagement of heritage;
  • Projects and initiatives that creatively animate, interpret and reflect heritage in a respectful, inclusive manner, such as public art, special events, interpretive signage, educational programs, and community programming;
  • Public awareness of cultural heritage;
  • Projects and initiatives that promote and share knowledge about heritage such as publications, databases, web-based applications.

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