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Young Citizens Program


Congratulations to Willow Lemire on receiving an Honourable Mention for 2018! Stay tuned for 2019 updates!

2019 Young Citizens Contest

This year, Canada's History Society will be offering the Young Citizens contest in a similar format to 2018. Videos will be again submitted on a voluntary basis (rather than amounts being allotted to each province and territory) and between four and six students nation-wide will be selected to attend the Governor-General's History Awards in Nov. 2019, along with their parents.

Any student that has created a Heritage Fairs project can create a video, regardless of whether they were selected to attend the Regional Heritage Fair. Students can collaborate on videos but only one student can be the "star/director/producer" of each video and have their name attached to it for the contest.

Students do not have to physically appear in their videos, nor do they have to film on location or have any interviews. (Depending on their topic, these might be not feasible or outright impossible.) Videos can also contain dramatic skits, re-enactments, or interviews with historical characters as long as everyone involved is given credit. Stick-drawings on a whiteboard can communicate the topic very effectively if done well!

 The contest itself: Students prepare four-minute videos on an aspect of their Heritage Fair topic and submit these videos to Canada’s History for a deadline of June 4thPlease note that a video created by an individual student is eligible for the Young Citizens program (due to rules set by Canada’s History). Students who created a project together may submit two separate videos and compete against each other in the national contest, or only one student may choose to be the face of the video and thus also be the one to be selected as a winner.

Videos must meet the following criteria: 1) between 3-4 minutes in length (some seconds below or above acceptable); and 2) effectively communicates the topic and story.

No students will be specifically chosen to do videos - rather, the contest will be shared with all registered teachers and students who want to participate in the contest can do so. The extent of Heritage Saskatchewan's involvement is yet to be determined.

This would be a great opportunity for students who have already completed their projects to keep their Heritage Fairs topic fresh between their school fair and the Regional Fair; it would also be an excellent opportunity for students who were not selected to attend the Regional Fairs to further explore their topic and share their story with a wider audience.

Heritage Saskatchewan would love to have a screening event in June if there are enough videos (minimum 10) submitted. If there are videos ready prior to the Regional Heritage Fairs in May 2019, it is possible that some might be able to be screened at their respective Regional Fairs during the lunch hour.


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