Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.

Virtual Heritage Fair Projects

Authors: Jace Schaffer

The Saskatchewan Rush

Apr 29, 2021

Authors: Anya Bowers

Authors: Logan Dougherty

The Snowmobile

Apr 21, 2021

Authors: Ella Sandberg

The Snowmobile

May 2, 2021

Authors: Rylan Schill

The Social Dilemma

Apr 28, 2021

Authors: Kiera Tiefenbach

The Swift Fox

May 3, 2021

Authors: Maeva Dyrland & Madden Smith

Authors: Laya Dyckson

The War of 1812

Apr 20, 2021

Authors: Spencer Gillies & Gift Marufu

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