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3 Courageous Canadian Heroines [Creative Presentation]

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3 Courageous Canadian Heroines [Creative Presentation]

Apr 29, 2021

Authors: Tori Baerg

Title: 3 Courageous Canadian Heroines

Student: Tori Baerg

School: Sun West Distance Learning Centre (Kenaston)

Grade: 8

Three Courageous Canadian Heroines includes three posters and three models. Each poster has information on the beginning of their life, facts about her home, details on the war she participated in, and the story of her courage. On the top, each poster also has a timeline of important events in her life as well as her name. A photo of the heroine, an extra story connected with her, and an epilogue completes the poster. Also there is art work on the back of each poster. Here I was trying to capture a scene from their experiences. For example, Laura Secords walks through rough terrain; I painted a forest.
Each model is made to represent Madeleine de Vercheres, Laura Secord, and Mona Parsons in costume.
I chose to do my project on these historical heroines because their stories fascinate and inspire me. I also love to research various topics in depth, especially about history.

Link to PowerPoint: 

Project Contains: Photo (PDF) of Artistic display; PowerPoint (linked above)

Category: 5 - Creative Presentation

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