Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.

Virtual Heritage Fair Project List

Kristin Catherwood |

Below will be a list of the projects that are part of the 2022 Virtual Heritage Fair. To view the projects, please go to our Viewing Gallery

This list will be in alphabetical order by title in a similar order to the Viewing Gallery. Due to how the computer sorts the projects, the order of this list and the order of the projects in the Viewing Gallery may be slightly different.

Thank you again to all of the students for sharing your work! Thank you again also to the teachers, parents, and others who have supported, assisted, and encouraged students to participate.

Project TitleStudent(s)GradeSchoolCategory
60s ScoopKomalpreet Kaur/Shahpara Khurram5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
A New ScotlandHunter Kopeck 8Emerald Ridge Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
A Solder with a StoryBrady Cairns8Luseland School3. Mixed Non-video
A Trashy InventionMaddix Forrest7Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
A Trip Across CanadaKrina Pandya8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
Acadian DeportationMalak Elmongy6Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Air PollutionTucker Broughton/Kolby Rolph5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
All About Alexander Graham BellEvan Hassard6St. Bernadette School2. Written
All About Maple SyrupAddison Mcmillan6St. Bernadette School4. Video
All About PoutineRohan Varma-Robb6Regina Montessori School2. Written
All About the BuffaloAdelynn Sanville6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Alphonso DaviesJayden Ott6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Andre De GrasseDylan Carriere/James Howe7Mossbank School4. Video
ArcheryHunter Krauss7Mossbank School2. Written
ArtBelle Gao4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Arthur LismerCarter Glasspell/MacGregor Harrison/Madelynn Sims7Regina Christian School4. Video
ASDICGraham Kern8Stewart Valley School3. Mixed Non-video
Atley CalvertKoltyn Breault4Mossbank School3. Mixed Non-video
Banff National ParkJack Nagel4Mossbank School3. Mixed Non-video
Banff!Emma Klassen/Rafaella Riberio5Caronport Elementary School4. Video
BasketballElla Colborn5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
BasketballBentley Graham5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
BasketballSaab Artigas7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Battle of BatocheAiden Gao/Eli Hnatiw5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Battle of Queenston HeightsCullin Miller/Cristiano Presutti8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Battle of Vimy RidgeSebastien King/Rylan Nygaard8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
BC RainforestsOphelia Bourdages8Ecole Palliser Heights School4. Video
Beavers of CanadaEmora Baggett7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
Birds in My AreaGlory Corlan6Corlan Homeschool1. Photo & 5. Creative
Birss Family FarmJessie Reynaud5Westmount Elementary School1. Photo
BisonCharlotte Brotheridge/Sophia Hinke4St. Dominic School1. Photo
Black BattalionKaden Ramsbottom8St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Black HolesAnnaji Garimella6Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Bruce Peninsula National ParkGrace Deng/Lize Terblanche7Regina Christian School4. Video
Canada in WWIIAditi Dhungana8Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
CanadarmAnna Oddleifson7Mossbank School2. Written
Canada's Coat of ArmsEllee Bouskill/Ashlyn Sewell5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's Contribution to Grain FarmingSotonye Orubibi7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's Contribution to Stem Cell ResearchCharlotte Richard8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's EnvironmentViolet Runnalls8Emerald Ridge Elementary School4. Video
Canada's Favourite Dish: PoutineKaiden Douhaniuk/Alia Patterson6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's Greatest Prime Minister: William Lyon Mackenzie KingRose (Rose-Maria) Doni7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's MilitaryWilfredo Paez Montiel4Mossbank School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's National MilitaryCaleb Petersen 4Mossbank School3. Mixed Non-video
Canada's National SportsAkash Varma-Robb7Regina Montessori School2. Written
Canadian Animals & BirdsRania Asim5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian Animals that Fought in World War 1Lily Kornaga4Willowgrove School4. Video & 5. Creative
Canadian CelebrationsGrace Carson/Haelyn Stewart5Plainsview School1. Photo
Canadian CurrencyOliver Colson5Plainsview School1. Photo
Canadian Dog ShowsAshlin Fontaine5Whitewood School4. Video
Canadian EpidemicsJane Meyer/Amelia Samir5Plainsview School1. Photo
Canadian Healthcare: A MasterpieceJulianna Jones/Ola Njoku6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian Heritage Strengthened by Our Role in D-DayOwen Laycock4Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian HorseKalaya Howden5Delisle Elementary School4. Video
Canadian Inuit DogsElina Case5Brunskill Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian Legends & MysteriesRay Sheppard7Luseland School1. Photo & 5. Creative
Canadian Men's HockeyParker Hallam5Whitewood School4. Video
Canadian MilitaryNate Czemeres6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Canadian Olympic HockeyCarter Hess/Nolan Wills5Willowgrove School1. Photo
Canadian Pacific RailwayKiki Adesina/Rebekah Geng6Regina Christian School4. Video
Canadian Pacific RailwayAleena Choon Dipsingh7Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian PrideAda Liggett5Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Canadian RingetteBraelee Wasacase5Plainsview School1. Photo
Canadian Soldiers That Fought In World War TwoCash Lenton5Plainsview School1. Photo
Canadian TireAidia Nygaard6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Canadian Western AgribitionChloe Green7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Cancer Coverage in CanadaSamyuktha Suresh Kumar 8Chief Whitecap School4. Video & 5. Creative
Carbon Capture on Power PlantsLillian Salamon8Emerald Ridge Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
Case IHBaron Toffan7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
CattleOlin Johnson4Whitewood School4. Video
CF-18sKieran Lavallee5Whitewood School4. Video
Champetre CountyReece Fleischhacker/Naomi Schimann5Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
Chris HadfieldBridget Farney7Regina Montessori School1. Photo
Connor BedardAlexander Schmegelsky5Westmount Elementary School1. Photo
Connor McDavidHenry Hindmarsh5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School1. Photo
Conservation in Banff National ParkEverett Kulczycki7Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Culture of PowwowsBrooklyn Dieter/Audrey Anne Neudorf Probe8St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Cuphead Don't Deal with the DevilRylie Westrum8Rouleau School4. Video
CurlingRian Miller/Brooke Tait6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Cypress HillsTrinity Luhtala/Kelbree Page4Whitewood School4. Video
Cypress Hills MassacreJaxson Hoffman/Lucas Sali8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Dairy FarmsAddison Kochar6St. Bernadette School4. Video
D-DayAndrew Chamberlain/Isaac Morrison5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
D-DaySydney Selinger5Plainsview School1. Photo
D-DayDimitrios Kalmoukis/Kien Nguyen8Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Derdall Family Centennial FarmBrynn Topp5Westmount Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
Derek BoogardKarsten Wiebe6Stewart Valley School3. Mixed Non-video
Dieppe RaidNylee McLellan/Brooke Skiba8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Discovery of InsulinAmarachi Ogbonna6Ecole St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
DogsleddingPresley Brand6St. Bernadette School4. Video
Don CherryPeyton Hoffman/Sophie Holterman8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Dr. Fariha Khan: Canadian Muslim ScientistMaha Arshad5Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
DrakeMarkuss Kagis/Alexandros Toews8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
Edmonton OilersJace Schaffer6St. Bernadette School4. Video
ElectricityNathan McKechnie6RCSD Online Learning3. Mixed Non-video
Emily CarrTina Wang5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Emily CarrLexie Bantle6Aberdeen Composite School2. Written
Emily Howard StoweAryanna Lavan/Mercy Popplewell5Brunskill Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
Endangered Canadian Animals & WildlifeMadison Boyle4Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Environment in SaskatchewanDahlia Jones4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Erin MielzynskiEllis Pochynuk5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Evolution of Goalie EquipmentBenjamin Farrell-Furkert6Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Exploitation Disguised With Lies - Child Labour In Canada Tiffany Huynh/Dona Vinu8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Famous Canadian Women in SportsLuca Tomczak/Louise Toohey5Brunskill Elementary School4. Video
Farming in SaskatchewanMarina Matsushita4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Female Hockey in CanadaGillian Meszaros6Kipling School4. Video
Figure SkatingZeena Estrella/Thu Nguyen6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
First Female Sheriff in CanadaRowan Klotz7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School1. Photo
First Nations' DrumsBentley Waskewitch4Whitewood School1. Photo
First Nations, Inuit, and MeĢtis Models of Governance and Selection of LeadersKai Barnes8City Park School3. Mixed Non-video
Flags of the WorldNyha McGillis4Whitewood School1. Photo
ForestryJoe Gilkinson4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Fort Garry HotelLogan Cole/Scarlett Cole6Regina Montessori School3. Mixed Non-video
Fort McMurray WildfireBen Ko8Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Frank SlideEvie Box/Ainsley Weinmeister4Regina Montessori School1. Photo
Frank SlideAubrie Pletz7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
Frank SlideRylie Cherkewich-Parks/Jordan Lipp8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Fraser River FloodKyen Kaufhold/Grayson Kennard4St. Dominic School1. Photo
Fred Everest Banbury & Lloyd Ashley BanburyGriffin Banbury7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
From Sea to Sea: A Political and Historical Analysis of the Canadian Pacific RailwayVictor Burden8Regina Montessori School2. Written
Fun Facts About CanadaMadelyn Brown8Rouleau School4. Video
Gordie HoweLukas Rachinsky5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School1. Photo
Gordon KormanJackson Labuik5Plainsview School3. Mixed Non-video
Group of SevenPrincess Agonoy/Nicole Frias8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Halifax ExplosionEvan Lian/Torris Wang4Regina Montessori School1. Photo
Hats & Hockey SticksHadley Soeder8Rouleau School4. Video
Hayley WickenheiserLoghan Wandler5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Herman Albers BuggHailey Haas7Emerald Ridge Elementary School4. Video
Hillberg & BerkJayde Pilbeam7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
History of Hockey in SaskatchewanRowen Istace/Haston Wu4Whitewood School4. Video
History of Residential SchoolsHailey Harmon/Nyla Rogowski5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
History of the OHLDeclan Giesbrecht6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Hockey  Emma Klassen/Kate Lawton4St. Dominic School1. Photo
Hockey HeritageLuke Urmson5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchKatie Carleton/Peyton Todd7 & 8Stewart Valley School4. Video
How Canada Became a CountrySteven Zhang5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
How Fred Sasakamoose Changed the Game of Hockey ForeverThomas Siqueira5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
How to Help the Forest & OceanZiyu Wang4OLC - City Park School3. Mixed Non-video
Hudson Bay CompanyKaden Mushynsky6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Hudson's Bay CompanyEethan Gourlay7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Hudson's Bay CompanyJessica Lipp8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Hume HotelIsabella Cormack5Brunskill Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
Hunting StrategiesTamilore Akande/Marshall Bobier6Regina Christian School4. Video
Ice FishingTate Bjornson6St. Bernadette School2. Written
Ice HockeyJesse Bamgboye6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
ImmigrationJacob Epp/Simon Funk5St. Dominic School1. Photo
Indigenous Bead ArtAnabelle Jordan/Emmy MacDonald5Plainsview School3. Mixed Non-video
Indigenous DancesAbigail Simpson5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Indigenous LegendsSierra Antosh5Plainsview School3. Mixed Non-video
InsulinKiera Bosman/Jessica Cudmore/Makda Girmay5Regina Christian School4. Video
InsulinSam Murphy5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Jacque PlanteNathan Haney/Charlotte Ma/Stephen Robertson6Regina Christian School4. Video
James NaismithDomi Riad-Barsoum7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Japanese Internment CampsEaston Irwin/Nathan Wu6Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Jess MoskalukeKamryn Adams/Azalia Redwood4Whitewood School4. Video
Jim Pattison Children's HospitalAliah Blyth5Whitewood School1. Photo
John Deere & Canadian FarmingJayden Benko7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Johnathan DavidNikita Elias6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Joseph Armand BombardierGerard Ezeobi7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Juno Beach - D-DayMatthew Flemming/Caden Larkin6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Juno D-DayParker Nyhus7Rouleau School4. Video
Karen KainAlison Dodge5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Klondike: The Last Gold RushKrishna Mudaliar6Willowgrove School4. Video
L.M. MontgomeryDillon Jones5Ernest Lindner School4. Video
La Reine du Canada [FR] Joanna Batanyenda/Honnete Gauthier4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval1. Photo
La scientologie au Canada [FR]Sophie Dupeyron7Ecole Monseigneur de Laval PSQV1. Photo
La tour CN [FR]Louis Chamberlain/Eithan Garza Pereira/Alcangel Mugisha4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
LacrosseRex Winacott7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Lays vs CheeziesJackson Jennett/Grady Johnstone7Mossbank School4. Video
Leah DoironBella Pinay7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
L'Ecole Residentielle Ste-Anne [FR]Celine Constandy/Vey Tondevold/Aisha Warsame4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Les camps d'internement japonais [FR]Abdou-Salam Tomoki4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval3. Mixed Non-video
Les Canadiens de Montréal [FR]Michael Blais/Alexandre Gelsinger/Carter Parent/Lowek Tremblay4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Les femmes pendant la deuxième guerre mondiale [FR]David Cloutier7Ecole Monseigneur de Laval PSQV3. Mixed Non-video
L'evolution des batiments [FR]Eliora Mwizigirwa4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
L'histoire de Régina [FR]Patricia Dongmo7Ecole Monseigneur de Laval PSQV2. Written
Life of Ryan ReynoldsIsaac Johnson/Addison Nagel7Mossbank School2. Written
Louis RielColby Clements/Hamza Ibrahim/Arfeen Raza5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Louis RielRyan Arun6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Lucy Maud MontgomeryJillian Fehr5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Major David Vivian CurrieCallum Gorman/Malachai Lewis/Charice Ma6Regina Christian School4. Video
Maple SyrupNicole Carriere5Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
Maple SyrupKirsten Taylor/Jacelyn Ulmer5Regina Christian School4. Video
Maple SyrupWyatt Windrim6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Marc Aurele Fortin [FR]Genevieve Williams4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Marcel BarbeauSophia Dean/Anya Harrison7Regina Christian School4. Video
Mark McMorrisBreyson Lanigan5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Mark McMorrisElla Surtees8King George Elementary School4. Video
Mary Two-Axe EarleyKenzie Crocker5Sunningdale School4. Video
Maurice RichardReed Domres/Florian Lepitan4Whitewood School4. Video
Mennonites in SaskatchewanEmma Atchison8Emerald Ridge Elementary School4. Video
MetisJulia Achenbach/Livia Schindel5Willowgrove School4. Video
Metis Are Proud: Gabriel DumontBrooke Doepker5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Metis Road Allowance PeopleMaddie Nelson/Hailey Schindel5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
MinecraftSamuoel Demyen4Whitewood School1. Photo
MiningAvyan Adapa4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Missing and Murdered Indigenous WomenMaya Hoath/Calla James6Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
MMIWEliana Paul/Rachelle Taeza6Ecole St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Mohawk NationWarren Bobier/Joshua Haney/Kal Robertson8Regina Christian School4. Video
Mona Parsons: A Life in Five ActsAlayna Clake6Plainsview School3. Mixed Non-video
Mud to Mansions: The Art of Making Bricks at Claybank SKEverett Dalziel8Argyle School4. Video
My Family History with WW2Nevaeh Nameth6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
My Family TreeEvalyn Klyne4Regina Montessori School1. Photo
My Finnish HeritageEllen Strand5Aberdeen Composite School2. Written
My Great-Grandpa's Story: Paul LeBoeufAlex Cornish6Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
NarwhalsEvan Schuler/Matthew X5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Natural EnergyParker Bourassa/Eastyn Johnston5Plainsview School1. Photo
Niagara FallsMakayla Poelzer5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Niagara FallsJors Anderson6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
On the Cook House and Our City's HeritageEmelia Mikkelson 7Regina Montessori School4. Video & 5. Creative
O'Ree's LegacyJack Redpath5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Oscar Peterson PianoSaydie Kleisinger8Argyle School5. Creative
Pacific Rim National ParkCharmaine Ma/Emily Wang7Regina Christian School4. Video
Peanut ButterKaleb Dunnigan/Matthew Ming-Fok/Mikko Zamayla5Regina Christian School4. Video
Penny OleksiakDiya Jacob5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Pioneer DietEira Wiens7Wiens Homeschool4. Video
Plains First NationsDuaa Khalid7Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Polio in CanadaAyumi Sinclair7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
Pride in CanadaBaya Petkovich5Whitewood School4. Video
Pride in CanadaMara Polischuk6Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Pride LGBTQ+Emma Carson/Hailey Fedirko5Plainsview School3. Mixed Non-video
Queen Elizabeth IISophia Scott6St. Dominic School1. Photo
Queen Elizabeth II's Family and What She Does for CanadaJayda Buck/Addison Karsgaard5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
RCAFMark Tuazon/Carson Ungar-Eichler8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
RCMPSamuel Harkes/Aiden Wilson5Plainsview School1. Photo
RCMPKaydenz Paul6St. Bernadette School2. Written
RCMPPaul Irving7Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video
Recreating the Canadian Coat of ArmsAmelia Donauer5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Red River RebellionJyestha Kaneria8Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Residential School SurvivorsJaelynn McLeod-Bird4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Residential SchoolsAliha Mohammad4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Residential SchoolsAlayna Dimen/Ayla Shutyr6St. Dominic School1. Photo
Residential SchoolsJuliette Lindsay/Lux Osborne8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
Revolution in Canada - Invasion of Quebec 1775Cyberlit-Rose Silva8St. Bernadette School2. Written
Robert BrionPeyton Clinton5Westmount Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
RobinsWyatt Beutler5Whitewood School4. Video
Royal Canadian Air ForceSimon Ole Dahl7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School3. Mixed Non-video
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceKaylie Gruber/Dessa Tiefenbach7Emerald Ridge Elementary School4. Video
Royal Winnipeg BalletOlivia Major Jones6Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Sandra Miju OhRickie Petersen7Mossbank School2. Written
Sarah Robertson and the Group of SevenMerrick Box/Heidi Chan/Linda Shi/Ella Wood7Regina Montessori School2. Written
Saskatchewan Climate & ConservationJemma-Rose Kolody4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Saskatchewan FarmingPenny Dery/Bella Sawatzky4St. Dominic School3. Mixed Non-video
Saskatchewan FarmsAdda Golban4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Saskatchewan Health CrisisKash Johnstone7Chief Mistawasis School3. Mixed Non-video
Saskatchewan Health CrisisEllisa Machiskinic7Chief Mistawasis School3. Mixed Non-video
Saskatchewan Health CrisisNevaeh Takakenew7Chief Mistawasis School3. Mixed Non-video
Saskatchewan InventionsCharlotte Bradley-Dawson6Lakeview Elementary School4. Video
Saskatchewan RoughridersAnthony Welsh4Whitewood School4. Video
Saskatchewan RoughridersKymani Forsythe/Kai Thomas6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Saskatchewan WildflowersPenelope Greenwood/Finley McGratten5Plainsview School1. Photo
Saskatoon BerriesHayley Blondeau/Cianna Bohach5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
Schools in Our CommunityCasey Ledoux/Mason Ledoux6Chief Mistawasis School3. Mixed Non-video
Scott MoeBrayden Frei7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Scotty: The World's Biggest T-RexEmerson Flockhart4Willowgrove School4. Video
SculptureAyesha Farhan4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Sharp-Tailed GrouseNorah Meckelborg5Aberdeen Composite School2. Written
Ski DoosJonathan Straker6Delisle Elementary School1. Photo
Slavery in CanadaHelena Millar/Ann Roldan8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Snow BirdsMark Pilsner6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
SnowboardingThea Levy6Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
Space RadiationKanav Gulati6Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Spy HillTristen Fox4Whitewood School1. Photo
St. Anne's Residential SchoolKailee Aasen/Aspyn Martel/Anica Poredos8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Summit SeriesChase Surkan7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Swift FoxLadi Bakare5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
TaekwondoIsabelle Gerard/Gemma Westberg4Whitewood School4. Video
Technology in FarmingTristen Perrin8Stewart Valley School2. Written
TelemiracleBrynn Niebergall4Whitewood School4. Video
TelemiracleMadison Hill-Schnell6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
TenTreeKaylee Bugiera7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Terry FoxBrady Loverin6St. Dominic School3. Mixed Non-video
Terry FoxAva Morris6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Terry FoxKate Lamers/Grace Poissant8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Tessa VirtueTessa Hayhurst4Whitewood School4. Video
The Anti-Slavery Society of CanadaShaivi Shrestha8Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
The Battle of BatocheSantana Crocker5Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
The Battle of Normandy: D-DayEthan Dovell8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Battle of the AtlanticBrett Hoffman/Santino Vecchioli8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Bent NailRyvah Peers7Mossbank School2. Written
The Burning of WashingtonXavier Gatin/Hudson Hall6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Calgary StampedeDaniel Davis5Whitewood School4. Video
The CanadarmFinnley Harrison/Christian McDonald/Henry Scheer5Regina Christian School4. Video
The Canadian FlagBraelyn Ramsbottom/Averie Riffle6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Canadian FlagAiza Ahmed7Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
The Canadian FlagKyra Lamont7Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School2. Written
The Community of Mistawasis NehiyawakLilly Ledoux6Chief Mistawasis School3. Mixed Non-video
The Creation of MedicareAlyssa Alderman/Ariana Di Iorio/Avery Osmak8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Cultural Impact of Tim HortonsHalle Geiss7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Development of the CanadarmHayden Perrault8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Discovery of InsulinSophie Elchuk7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Discovery of InsulinLuke Pilsner8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Endangered Animals of CanadaConnor Poulin8Regina Montessori School2. Written
The Evolution of Canada's BordersBridger Bosche/Misha Tomashewsky7Regina Montessori School1. Photo
The Fur Trade: Canada's BeginningsAugust Schmidt5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
The Goalie MaskJacob Parkinson8Stewart Valley School2. Written
The Great DepressionJevin Kasick/Joseph Lippai8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The History of Farming in SaskatchewanScarlett Mcnary7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The History of HockeyEaston Krahenbil7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The History of HockeyNoah Rayner7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The History of John DeereOlivia Hill6St. Bernadette School4. Video
The History of Mental Health in CanadaAnna Sun/Emily Sun4&5Willowgrove School4. Video
The History of Nanaimo BarsBrooklyn Peberdy6St. Bernadette School4. Video
The History of the Famous FiveSierra Holterman6St. Bernadette School4. Video
The History of the Town of WhitewoodCash Bear5Whitewood School4. Video
The Impact of World War I on CanadaKieran Lazurko6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Invention of InsulinAlexander Argue6Stewart Valley School3. Mixed Non-video
The Legacy of Nuclear MedicineAhilesh Sivakumar6Brunskill Elementary School4. Video
The LGBTQ Movement in SaskatchewanHudson Walby8Emerald Ridge Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
The Liberation of the NetherlandsFlynn McGeady5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
The Making of a MountieKobe Poulin8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Montreal CanadiensColin Tait5Whitewood School4. Video
The Northern LightsZoey Grismer5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
The Northern LightsCaitlin Grezaud6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The PFRA MovementClaire Patton8Luseland School1. Photo
The Provinces and Territories of Canada & Their SymbolsAdeel Ansari/Jeevan Nagarajan5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
The R.C.M.P.Samuel Martens/Jayden Olson6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The RCMPKruz King/Jack Sivertson8Ecole White City School2. Written
The Significance of Curling in CanadaMia Bilboe7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Spanish Flu 1918-1920Victoria Bamgboye/Tyia Thomas8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
The Steam Engine in AgricultureKya Grismer4Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
The Tunnels of Moose JawPeyton Gregoire5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
The VikingsJesse Olson6Stewart Valley School3. Mixed Non-video
The WeekndIsaak MacDonald5Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Theo FleuryIrelynn Paul4Whitewood School4. Video
Threshing Machines in SaskatchewanLuke Briggs4Whitewood School4. Video
Tim HortonsLevi Fournier6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
Tim Horton'sBrady Jackson/Emmet Kylie6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Tim Horton'sNicholas Sali/Roen Elijah Tolentino6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Time Journey to Carnaval de Quebec Reesen Selanders 4Regina Montessori School4. Video & 5. Creative
Time ZonesDavin Stang5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
TitanicElla Fehr5Westmount Elementary School4. Video
Tommy DouglasJacob Lim/Zeke Stulburg6St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Toronto Maple LeafsJacob Son4Whitewood School4. Video
Tourism in SaskatchewanShubhreet Kaur4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Traditional Canadian FoodCici Huang6Regina Montessori School2. Written
Traditional Canadian FoodMonica Ji6Regina Montessori School2. Written
Travis MoenTyden Moen6Stewart Valley School3. Mixed Non-video
Treaties in Canada: The Williams TreatiesJenaya Delorme8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Tunnels of Moose JawEthan Niebergall7Emerald Ridge Elementary School4. Video
VancouverMohammad Ali/Ferdous Mahadi8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video
Viola DesmondGabriella Horsfall-Okoh5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Viola DesmondAdemisola Adewuyi/Chidera Igwe6Ecole St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Ryder Samulak7Aberdeen Composite School4. Video
War of 1812Ismail Haque/Harley Lavoie4Regina Montessori School1. Photo
War of 1812Kade Brown6Delisle Elementary School3. Mixed Non-video
Wayne GretzkyKolten Muehmel7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
WendigoXander Box/David Li5Regina Montessori School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
West Edmonton MallValeriya Demiashova5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
West Edmonton Mall: Heritage at Its FunnestEdgar Sicherman5St. Kateri Tekakwitha School4. Video
Where The World Meets: The Legacy Of Canadian Western Agribition Finnleigh Greuel8Argyle School3. Mixed Non-video & 5. Creative
WhitewoodJasmine Morton4Whitewood School4. Video
WHLJake Dureau6St. Bernadette School1. Photo
William Lyon Mackenzie KingZachary Meiklejohn7St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
William Lyon Mackenzie KingAnna King/Cece Maxwell8Regina Christian School4. Video
WolvesRema Naistus4OLC - City Park School2. Written
Women's RightsAlex Zook6St. Dominic School1. Photo
Women's SuffrageZoey Grismer5Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
World War 2Carson Hofer7St. Dominic School3. Mixed Non-video
World War IMuhammad Arham Asim/Ella Miller7Willowgrove School3. Mixed Non-video
World War IJal Patel7Harbour Landing School3. Mixed Non-video
Wurm Family FarmJacob Warren5Delisle Elementary School4. Video
WW2: Juno BeachLuke Baade/Wyatt Csada8St. Bernadette School3. Mixed Non-video
Projects not publically viewable
Farah Alibay [FR]Samantha Bishoff/Amelie Cloutier/Emily Johnson4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Le sirop d'erable [FR]Kael Bachmier4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Les animaux symboles du Canada [FR]Justin Bishoff/Grayson Green4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video
Marcel Morin [FR]Christelle Sirois4Ecole Monseigneur de Laval4. Video

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