Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.

Regional Fairs


2019 Moose Jaw Regional Fair Participants (May 9, 2019)

Check out our province-wide Virtual Heritage Fair for 2020!

2021 Regional Heritage Fairs:

Yorkton Heritage Fair (Pilot) - TBD
                        - Location: TBD
Swift Current Regional Heritage Fair - TBD
                        - Location: Swift Current Museum (44 Robert St. W)
Moose Jaw Regional Heritage Fair - TBD
                        - Location: Western Development Museum - Moose Jaw (50 Diefenbaker Dr.)
Regina Regional Heritage Fair - TBD
                        - Location: Campus Regina Public (1069 14th Ave E)
Saskatoon Regional Heritage Fair - TBD
                        - Location: Western Development Museum - Saskatoon (2610 Lorne Ave)

Saskatoon Tribal Council Regional Heritage Fair - TBD
                        - Location: TBD

Cumberland House Heritage Fair (Pilot) - TBD
                        - Location: TBD

We would love to have Regional Heritage Fairs take place elsewhere in Saskatchewan. Please contact our Projects Coordinator for more information on how to participate and the assistance available to start up a Regional Heritage Fair.

The Regional Heritage Fair includes the opportunity to:

  • develop communication skills by presenting Heritage Fair projects to other students, parents, members of the public and judges
  • participate in heritage-related workshop activities
  • compete for a variety of awards
  • meet other students from their region who are interested in heritage
  • represent their school in a province-wide initiative

Teachers are required to have signed consent forms for each student participating, but these forms do not need to be provided to the organisers of the Regional Fairs nor Heritage Saskatchewan. If your school has a generalised consent form for extracurricular events, that is satisfactory.

Student projects will be judged up to three times during the Regional Heritage Fair. Students will be judged in the language selected in the registration system. Judges will utilize a standard judging rubric.

Students may wish to begin their judging by presenting a 2-3 minute oral presentation. The purpose of the oral presentation is to introduce the project and share the important research. Judges will then interview the students about their project so be prepared to answer questions about why the topic was chosen, how the research was done, what the results were and what was learned about the topic. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate the depth of understanding of the student’s topic.  

For further information, contact our Projects Coordinator, Katherine Gilks.

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