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Young Citizens Program


Congratulations to our 2017 Young Citizens Winners!  Ethan Done and Daysha Garner represented Saskatchewan at the 4th Canada's History Young Citizens Forum in Ottawa Oct. 29-Nov. 1. Also congratulations to Nicole Lindenschmidt and Adam Brookman on earning Honourable Mentions! Stay tuned for 2018 updates!

2017 Young Citizens Process Outline

  1. At the Regional Fair, a judge with filmmaking expertise (selected by Heritage Saskatchewan) will make a shortlist of students’ projects that would make good video candidates. The exact number of this shortlist is yet to be determined.

  1. The regional committee members responsible for selecting winners will determine the winners from this shortlist.  The number of students from each Regional Fair will vary. These students are also eligible to attend the Provincial Heritage Fair.

  1. The winners are announced at the award ceremony.  The winners are presented with registration information for the contest and their photo is taken. 

  1. Optional - students are invited to attend a fun workshop day on May 13th in Regina.  Please note that students will not be able to complete their videos at the workshop. Please see below for exact time & location.

  1. Videos are submitted to Heritage Saskatchewan via Dropbox or USB.

  1. By June 4th, 2017, all videos should be submitted to Heritage Saskatchewan. Heritage Saskatchewan will then submit them to Canada’s History by June 5th.

  1. Online voting and commenting for the videos will be from mid-June to mid-July. The judging by Canada’s History will then occur over the remainder of the summer, with winners receiving notification in August.

  1. The winners are announced in the fall. The two winners from Saskatchewan will join the winners from other provinces and territories at the 4th Young Citizens Forum in Ottawa, likely in October or November (dates to be confirmed).

This year, Saskatchewan is allotted 16 spots for the Young Citizens contest.  To ensure provincial representation, students will be selected at the Regional Fairs.  These students will be selected to prepare four-minute videos on an aspect of their Heritage Fair topic and submit these videos to Canada’s History via Heritage Saskatchewan for a deadline of June 5thPlease note that only projects created by an individual student are eligible for the Young Citizens program (due to rules set by Canada’s History).

A total of 24 students will be selected to create videos and attend a workshop, which will be held in Regina on May 13. The aim of the workshop day is to guide the students in creating and editing their videos, as well as for them to have fun learning about filmmaking and meeting other students. If a student is unable to attend the workshop, they are still strongly encouraged to create their video independently.

At least 16 videos will be chosen for the contest by Canada's History. Heritage Saskatchewan will submit up to 24 videos that meet the following criteria: 1) between 3-4 minutes in length (some seconds below or above acceptable); and 2) effectively communicates the topic and story.

Students will be selected at the Regional Fairs in the following manner: Heritage Saskatchewan will find a judge with filmmaking expertise whose responsibility is to select a shortlist of students.  The students will be selected from this shortlist by the filmmaking judge and a representative from Heritage Saskatchewan, in consultation with the local Regional Committee. The chosen students will then be presented with their registration information at the award ceremony and have their photo taken.  The workshop will be held shortly thereafter in May.



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