Heritage Fairs Toolkit

Available online in English and French (translation by Richard Lapointe) on December 1, 2015! Paper copies have been mailed to all schools in the province. Also to be available are Historical Thinking posters for classroom use.

Sunny's Book List - Heritage Fairs

Stories are often what inspire students to create their Heritage Fairs project. As well as books included in the Saskatchewan curriculum, there are dozens of stories about Canadian history from ancient times to the present day!

Heritage Saskatchewan has prepared a list of Canadian Heritage Fiction (over 500 titles) for middle grades. This includes historical fiction as well as some more contemporary heritage topics. There is also a list of specifically Saskatchewan stories! Feel free to download these for your home or classroom use.

Sunny's Book List:

Saskatchewan (& Pre-Saskatchewan Territories) Heritage
African-Canadian Heritage
Asian-Canadian Heritage
First Nations & Métis Heritage
French-Canadian Heritage (In English)
Jewish-Canadian Heritage
General Canadian Heritage by Topic
General Canadian Heritage by Region

If you know of any titles that you think ought to be included, or you think ought to be in a specific category, please let our Education Coordinator know at Heritage Saskatchewan is also working on a list of Non-Fiction resources and a list of resources in French.

Also, the Canadian Children's Book Centre's Teacher's Book Bank has many historical fiction and non-fiction titles that will be helpful resources and starting points for Heritage Fairs.

Other Resources:

Teachers participating in the Heritage Fair program have developed their own resources to support participation in the program. We understand that every teacher has their own approach to inquiry learning and these documents are provided only as suggestions because we understand that in Saskatchewan every teacher has the opportunity to make curricula work for them!

Heritage Fairs Made Easy 

A website developed by Tanya Venoitte Frowd. The “Survival Sheets” are compatible with an iPad and by using Notes HD and Claro PDF speech-to-text and text-to-speech features can be enabled.

Inquiry Learning - Heritage Fair Example

A package of information that Alan Stange of Moose Jaw provides to his students. (Temporarily unavailable - check back soon!)

Inquiry Learning – Heritage Fair Example

A package of information that Laurie Chan of Saskatoon uses to support inquiry learning and students development of their Heritage Fair project.

SYHFA - Heritage Fairs 

A document developed by the Saskatchewan Youth Heritage Fair Association (the former organization operating the Heritage Fair program) to support teachers interested in participating in the Heritage Fair program.


Are you a teacher participating in the Heritage Fair program that has a document we can add to this section? Do you have an assessment tool, graphic organizer, jot note sheet, bibliographical information organizer, et cetera that is working well? Why not share this resource with other participating teachers?

Contact Katherine Gilks at   to have your resource added to this section.

Other Resources for Teachers:

Voices Into Action - Curriculum resources about human rights education

Concentus Citizenship Education Foundation - Education resources for K-12 citizenship education

Royal BC Museum Learning Portal on Heritage Fairs

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