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Independent Students


Participation Guidelines

Students from any school can participate independently outside of a classroom provided that they have a teacher-advisor. This teacher-advisor can be their parent.

Said students can participate in a local fair at another school or classroom provided that they make the Regional Committee aware of this by the deadline for teacher registration. Alternatively, their teacher can grade the project independently.

Any student participating independently needs to receive a score of a certain amount (or higher) to be eligible to participate at a Regional Heritage Fair. This amount is agreed upon by the Regional Committee and the student's teacher-advisor ahead of time.

If these students participate in a local fair that is not at their own school, these independent students do not count toward the percentage of students allowed to attend Regionals from the particular school fair in which they participate; rather, they are considered to be representing their own school.

The teacher-advisor or parent must register by the teacher registration deadline. Please register under the teacher registration first! An independent student is registered as one student and one project, with the class field being 'Independent'. Please include the student's classroom teacher as well so that both can be contacted about the Heritage Fairs.

Independent students must be registered once again for the Regional Fair should they be eligible to attend. At this point, they can be registered under 'Register Student'.

For Regional Coordinators concerned with numbers (of those allotted to each school for the Regional Fair), a solution can be to remove as many spots as registered independent students from the initial calculation.  For example, if there are 100 spots at the Regionals and three students registered as independent, the percentage of spots allotted to each participating school or classroom can be based off of 97 spots. Should any of the independent students fail to qualify, the remaining spots could they be redistributed to the other schools; if all three qualify, then they can attend the Regional Fair.

Steps for Independent Students

  1. Find teacher-advisor and have said teacher-advisor register on Heritage Saskatchewan’s website by Feb. 6 deadline. Teacher-advisor can be a student’s parent, classroom teacher, or another teacher.

    1. One teacher-advisor may serve more than one student, but this must be declared upon the teacher-advisor’s registration.

    2. They register as their own school (or homeschooled) and their class is 'Independent' and the number of students is 1.

  1. Have teacher-advisor contact Regional Coordinator immediately following registration. Regional Coordinator will inform the teacher-advisor as to the threshold required for the independent student(s) to attend Regionals and determine which local fair the student(s) will participate in.

    1. At any point in the process, the teacher-advisor may contact other teachers participating in the program for advice or they may contact Heritage Saskatchewan’s Education Coordinator for any assistance with the program.

    2. If it is agreed that it is the best course of action, a student may present their project to their teacher or classroom for a grade, rather than attend another local school fair.

  1. The Regional Committee holds a spot at the Regional Fair for said student(s) pending their results at the local fair. The amount of spots that the local school fair would otherwise get is unchanged.

  1. Student(s) participate(s) in local fair as determined by their teacher-advisor and the Regional Coordinator. The student(s) is/are judged and if their score meets or surpasses the threshold as outlined in Step 2, the student(s) is/are awarded their spot(s) at the Regional Fair.

    1. Should the student(s) not meet the threshold as outlined in Step 2, the held spot(s) will be redistributed to another school as determined by the Regional Coordinator.

  1. Have teacher-advisor register the student(s) for the Regional Fair on Heritage Saskatchewan’s website.

  1. At the Regional Fair, independent students are equal to all others. They are eligible for all awards and to be selected for the Provincial Fair.

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