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In this section, you will find:

Registration Page

Register your classroom for Heritage Fairs!

Provincial Curriculum Connections

Describes the connection with the provincial curriculum goals and outcomes.

Project Guidelines

Check out what the guidelines are for the development of a student project.

Participation Options

Find out more about participating either as a classroom heritage fair, school heritage fair or an extracurricular club.

Inquiry Learning

The Ministry of Education encourage the use of inquiry learning in all Saskatchewan curricula. This document describes this philosophical approach to teaching.


Find out how teachers participate in this program in their classrooms


Explains the general timelines for participating in the program.

Project Examples

Check out what a Heritage Fair project looks like!

Standard Judging Rubric

We encourage teachers to assess more than the final project but this is how student projects will be judged at a Regional Heritage Fair.

Award Categories

We have 13 award categories at the Regional Heritage Fairs and 4 award categories at the Provincial Heritage Fair. There are nine topical awards and four methodology awards at the Regional Fairs, the latter of which are also awarded at the Provincial Heritage Fair.

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