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Saskatchewan and Second World War

Stories of Courage:  Saskatchewan Second World War Veterans Remember

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport has premiered a series of eight videos presenting the oral histories of 17 Saskatchewan residents who served during the Second World War. The videos, along with a new teaching guide containing detailed lesson plans for each video, will be placed in the provincial social studies curriculum for teachers to begin using in the classroom.

The project originated with input from community advocates who asked the Government of Saskatchewan to help preserve our province's military heritage before it was lost. Together, three priorities were established - organizing a new provincial military heritage committee, developing an oral history project using video, and integrating information about military heritage into the Saskatchewan curriculum.

The materials will be accessible online to Saskatchewan teachers through the Ministry of Education online curriculum website located at and through the links provided below.

Teaching Guides

Teaching Guides to support Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math, Science and Arts Education Curricula for Grades 6 thru 8

YouTube Video Interviews of Saskatchewan Second World War Verterans to supplement Teaching Guides:  

  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Training and Preparing for War
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Price of Freedom
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: HMCS Regina
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Prisoners of War
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Aboriginal War Experiences
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Supporting the Troops
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Soldiers Return Home
  • Saskatchewan Veterans Remember: Commemoration

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