History Alive! Vignettes

History Alive Vignettes! is now over for the  2016 season. Thank you to all who attended. 

Government House

At Government House, life unfolds for Saskatchewan’s first Lieutenant Governor, Amédée Forget and his wife Henriette.



On a cold October afternoon, Amédée and Henriette Forget arrive at Government House for the first time. The new Lieutenant Governor and his wife find the vice-regal residence strangely empty and quiet, until they encounter the gardener, George Watt, who doesn’t seem to have been expecting them.


The Saskatchewan Act has been ratified and a new province is born. Amedée Forget is preparing to be sworn in as Saskatchewan’s first Lieutenant Governor, but he is clearly distracted and troubled as the day of the ceremony draws near. His concerned wife, Henriette, is determined to learn what is weighing on Mr. Forget’s mind.


An era is ending as Amédée Forget’s term as Lieutenant Governor draws to a close. While the Forgets pack up their belongings and prepare for their move to Banff, Alberta, gardener George Watt is also leaving for new adventures.


Legislative Building

At the Legislative Building, Walter Scott, Saskatchewan’s first Premier, shares his vision for the newly created province. 



Saskatchewan's magnificent new Legislative Building is under construction, and as two labourers enjoy their lunch break, they encounter a dapper gentleman with a blueprint under his arm. As they engage the stranger in a conversation about the building's unusual features, only one is aware that the man to whom they are speaking is none other than Walter Scott, Saskatchewan's first Premier and the visionary behind the Legislative Building.


Late one evening in the halls of the partially completed Legislative Building, Walter Scott has found a quiet spot to rehearse an important address. His work is interrupted, however, by a visit from artist Edmund Morris, who wants to create portraits of notable prairie First Nation leaders for display in the building. The Premier is busy and distracted, but Edmund Morris is a man not easily dismissed.



The Walter Scott era is ending, but a new one is beginning with the election of Sarah Ramsland, Saskatchewan's first female Member of the Legislative Assembly. When the retired Premier and the pioneering politician accidentally encounter one another in the halls of the Legislative Building, Mrs. Ramsland shares her struggles with establishing a foothold for women in what has always been a man's world.


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