Living Heritage: Our values, beliefs and ways of life shape our sense of identity, belonging and place, connecting past, present and future.

Community Resilience

Living Heritage is fundamental to our sense of identity, belonging and place, and integral to building community. Resilient communities are those built on cross-cultural understanding and the willingness and ability to negotiate a shared set of values and a share future. Our focus is upon engaged citizenship through community development initiatives and educational programming; and safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) as a part of holistic approaches to community development.
Living Heritage and Community Development   
Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)
"The practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills – as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and cultural spaces associated therewith – that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage.  This intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history, and provides them with a sense of identity and continuity, thus promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity." UNESCO definition of ICH – 2003

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